Why Queen?


When someone asks me why I like Queen, I ask them why not? In my opinion Queen are one of the most important bands we’ve ever had in this world.  They’re aren’t many bands that have played rock, pop, opera, disco, funk, dance, heavy metal, R’n’B and have managed to keep their roots of being a melodic yet heavy band, and still have something to say about the world.   Apparently I’m not the only person to appreciate them, recently they were voted the best band ever in a UK poll.

              I think I’ve always been a Queen fan, all my life I can’t really remember not being into them.  My earliest memory was in 1991, I was 9, our dear Freddie had died and they were playing “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the TV and I remember asking why the man had make up on and looked like a girl.  My dad in his “infinite ignorance” said cos “he’s a puff that’s why”, my mum however explained that some of the bands liked to dress like that in the 70’s . 

        Much later in 1995, is when I really, really got into them.   My mum’s friend had bought me a compilation tape for Christmas, the very first song on the album was “heaven for everyone”.   I just loved this song, I found that eventually I was only listening to this song, forget all the  other pop crap.  I found out it was by a band called Queen, and I dug out my mum’s copy of Greatest Hits 1 and 2 and I was so shocked to learn that all my favourite songs as a kid were all by the same band.  My mum was a bit of a fan but she didn’t collect them or anything.

      I saved up and bought “Made in Heaven” and it became the first album I ever bought, of course it was years till I realised the emotional links to the album. I began trying to find more and more out about the band.  I was gutted to find about how Freddie had passed away, of course I realised then I’d never see them live.  I joined the fan club in 1997 and was very happy to find so many like minded people, and quiet a lot of the people were my age.   The thing about Queen is, all people my age respect them, they might not like them much, or even listen to them, but the respect the talent of them all.  I never had any problems with liking Queen, of course I like them a lot more than some people can understand, hence the nick name I received “Queen-mad”.

        It has to be said however, that I’m not only Queen-mad I’m also Roger Taylor- mad, I know that I sound like a complete girl, I do love the music, but there is no denying that the four guys in queen must be the four best looking guys in the world. Apart from the fact that they are all stunning for want of a better word, they are also very, very talented men too.  People seem to forget that there were four people in Queen, four very different personalities.

           I have made so many friends as a result of liking Queen, many of these people are my best friends in life, they have been there for me and I hope I can be there for them.  Like everyone in life I’ve had my fair share of problems in life, sometimes I have been desperate but the music has got me through, as well as the good friendships I have made, I know it sounds really cliché but it’s true.  I could name a country and it’s likely that I have a friend in that country, which is just brilliant, music, does really cross barriers.  Of course I get to meet with all my friends, and get to meet some new ones at the conventions.   I just hope the guys know the positive difference they have made in so many people’s lives.    Freddie, Roger, Brian and John “Deaky” you made a difference, you changed our lives for the better, but of course you Freddie knew you would! Thank You!


This Website of mine is dedicated to all my friends I have made cos of Queen, they all have such good taste ;) “Friends will be friends”


Erin “Kaldonia”, Katie “Rizzo”, Hans “Saturn”, Monika “Mayflower”, Luca “Iggy”, Stacey “JazzyLRC”, Ray “GreatKingRay”, Raff “UncleRaff”, Andy “StevenTyler”,  Sarah “Sas”+Richard “Catty-Dicko” , Les “ZippyMay”, Jaye  “SallyJ”, Marlies “Bulsara”, Marc “Lord Flash Heart”, Julie “Black-Rose”+ Jimmy and Samantha, Thijs,  Nico, Sarah “Cossette”, Steve “Farookh”, Johnnie, Mark, Rudi, Chris, Bart, Jeff and Camille, Gaz “Kryten”, Kaz “CK72, Tim “Brian_May”,  Wes “The Guv’nor”, Si “The Gunslinger” Jai “MrBadGuy”, Richard “ApolyonQ”, Ina “Hammy”, Paul “Sir Didymus”, Eoin “Snrub1000”, Stephan “Macconner”,  Jim J, Holly “Hammer_to_Fall_Hol”, Ali “TaylorMayde”, Dave “Bagpuss”, Sheila “Brianmayfanuk”, Eva “The Miracle”  and many, many more, I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone!               



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