We Will Rock You Premiere


Well we set off from Brighton at about 12:30pm and arrived in London. We decided we'd do a tour of the usual queenie places.  Thank god that Sheila (brianmayfanuk) was a  whizz with the Underground or Luca (Iggy) and l would have never arrived anywhere.

We headed straight for the dominion but there wasn't much happening there! We decided to head over to Garden Lodge to pay our respects to our sorely missed Freddie.  We had planned to visit the Fan club offices but they weren't open, it seems Jacky and Val had as much fun as we did at the convention *lol*.

We then headed back to the dominion, where we waited for the guys at the stage door, after about two hours, Brian came out :DD he was in a rush so he said hi and bye, did a cheeky grin and was gone......EXCELLENT!!.  We waited for Roger but he never showed. We then decided to do our regal walk on the red carpet *looks all proud*. 

We waited in the lobby to celeb spot, but then we were asked to move on into the theatre.  At about 8:15pm, we heard a cheer from the front row of the stalls......Brian and Roger had arrived! Then the show began!

For the next few hours, we laughed, cried, sung along and cheered............don't listen to the critics this show is the best thing l have seen for years! Lots of in jokes and private messages just for the queen fans! Brian, Roger and Ben Elton did a brief appearance at the end and then it was all over.

It was mayhem outside with everyone trying to get near the celebs, and Tonni Iommi, even said excuse me, to get past me!!! Whoa!!! We then set off for Sheila's dorm in Brighton!!

So this is a long way of saying.....GO AND SEE IT!! You won't regret it!

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