"Freddie was a friend of Tim Staffell's and came along to a lot of our gigs, and offered suggestions in a way that couldn't be refused! At that time, he hadn't really done any singing, and we didn't know he could-we thought he was he was just a theatrical rock musician"-  Brian

 "I was possibly the one person in the group who could look at it from the outside, because l came in as the fourth person in the band.  I knew there was something there but l wasn't convinced of it....until possibly the Sheer Heart Attack album" -John

 "For the first two years nothing really happened.  We were all studying, but progress in the band was nill.  We had great ideas, though, and somehow l think we all thought we would get through"-Roger

 "We said okay, we're going to take the plunge into rock and we're really going to do a job at it, no half measures.  We all had potentially good careers and we weren't prepared to settle for second best if we were going to abandon all the qualifications we had got in other fields"-Freddie

 "We don't especially go out and play heavy music or light music-it's just our kind of music"-Brian

 "I'm just a musical prostitute my dear"-Freddie

 "We're pretty proud of what we've done as a whole.  We still enjoy the buzz of playing live and the fact that we have hit singles.  Some bands in our position might take it all in their stride but, but we're still like kids, we get very excited"-Roger

 "It was the one day (Live -Aid) l was proud to be in the music business.  A lot of days you certainly don't feel that!"-John

 "They wouldn't let us into Russia.  They thought we'd corrupt the youth or something"-Freddie

 "We don't do enough shows these days, and i'd like to do more.  I'll remember Live-Aid till the day l die"-Brian

“Boy could that one sing!” Roger on Freddie 1995

“I remember speaking to you three or four year ago.  So you’re still working for the NME? Don’t they have such a thing as promotion? Life is not treating you very well is it? I would have thought that since the last time I met you, if you had any go, by now you should have become…aha…editor of The Times” Freddie to Tony Stewart. NME, June 1977

“Brian can be really hard to budge at times.  But we usually gang up on him and stick it out to the bitter end.  Then we all go home”- Roger

“Up until now we’ve been trying to prove ourselves and having to put up with the critics.  It can be very upsetting.  We make music for ourselves and naturally hope others will listen and enjoy it, but all the same its never good to read other peoples sneering remarks”-John

“A band Is like a marriage.  There are wonderful moments, great communication and energy.  But at the same time there are points  when you want to destroy each other”-Brian

“Roger and I decided to go to a club in Spain and he managed to persuade me to get up on the dance floor.  My idea of dancing is to do the sort of act I usually do on stage, so I started zooming about all over the dance floor, treading on peoples feet and generally causing a lot of confusion.  I don’t give those exhibitions very often, it can be very embarrassing”- Freddie 

“I remember when Freddie used to sleep on my floor.  He didn’t have a bean but he’d always produce from no-where these immaculately pressed trousers.  He wouldn’t dream of wearing anything slightly scruffy”-Roger

“I suppose I’m the quietest member of the band.  I’m the most conservative anyway.  I suppose my sense of humour is a bit strange.  I laugh at things that others don’t find at all funny.  I love practical jokes and catching people unawares with a camera”-John

"Well, I don't want to sleep with any of them."-Brian

“I still laugh when I think of the time we went through customs and the official opened my bag to search it and turned quiet scarlet when he saw it was full of nail polish, mascara, stage jewellery  and satin underwear”-Freddie

“I was really screaming at everyone especially Brian, I hated some of the things he’d chosen to play.  The atmosphere was so highly charged anything could have happened. Then we found Freddie in his dressing room still sitting in his underpants and vest eating a bowl of cornflakes.  We all just collapsed in hysterics. That’s Freddie’s secret, he will always do the most unexpected and bring us back together”-Roger



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