Convention 2001


We set off from sunny Bradford, West Yorkshire at 11 am and after a rather boring but quick journey we arrived in Prestatyn around 2 pm.  After consulting my friend Colin (Col-C) via txt messages, I met him in the pub outside the station (can't remember the name).  I also met Kari (KariJ) there, and we sat and waited for Kristina (TigerBabe) and her family to arrive.  Around 4pm my family and l decided to head to the campus to queue up till the gates opened, but we were pleasantly surprised to find the gates already open.   

After sorting out our chalets and luggage, I went to the campus to have a look around and soon after I bumped into Col and Kris.  I then sent a txt message to Katie (Rizzo) to arrange to meet her.  Later than evening we met up with Dean (The-younger-RT) and headed of to Lunars to watch Karaoke. We also met up with Julie (same chat name) her husband Jimmy and daughter Samantha.  I also met up with Simon (Ramirez). After watching some brilliant performances it was decided that our group should have a go, so Kari, Katie and Kris and I got up to sing an adapted version of "Hey Mickey" entitled "Hey Roger".  At 12 am I went to off to bed and left the others to it.



I woke up bright and early and headed over to the Ballroom to watch the live internet link to the chat room, where l bumped into Emma (ladyoftheflowers).   We were rather disappointed at the turnout but understood that there was lots of time differences, we had the lovely Jim Jenkins as our host, who had the mammoth job of relaying messages back and forth.  I then went to the Market to torture myself with all the things l couldn't afford l did however manage to get a t-shirt for my lovely pen friend Pete (MadBaron).  Later that day after having a quick chat with Jim Hutton who said he was really enjoying himself (lovely man!) l then went to the stall of the very talented Jef and Camille Simonet, l purchased one of their brilliant comic books and also the wonderful Jef designed a caricature of Roger and I, which is excellent and will take pride of place on my living room wall.


In the evening l met up with Katie and we had a great old time in the novelty shop buying silly hair bands to wear for the night.  The fancy dress competition was very hard to judge as the standard was excellent.  Later that night, the tribute band QEll came on stage and were brilliant, really got the crowd going, and also my friend (who shall remain nameless).  After the band finished the themed ball began, and I thoroughly enjoyed dancing away with just about everybody and thanks Julie for y'know what!!  During the disco I started to dance with a tall (and very mad) Australian, who proceeded to wear my sparkly head band all night.  After hours of dancing, I bumped into Nico and Ray from Germany, and what good dancers they are!

When the disco ended l said my goodbye's though the Ozzie didn't understand my Yorkshire accent! but I let him keep the head band as it look so good on him !!  I set off back to the chalet and got some well deserved sleep!



I  woke up early and decided to go and watch the 5 a side football, which was very entertaining, especially when the Ozzie accepted a back pass and then proclaimed he didn't know the rules being an Ozzie.  Later, I was in the ballroom when I met Tony (Herman2) and boy was I happy to see a fellow Yorkshire person!  Also at the same time I bumped into Nico, and this time we could actually hear each other and we had a great chat before he had to run off to the Tug of war, which his team went on to win CONGRATULATIONS!  I then went to sit in the seated audience bit with Col to wait for Greg Brooks to come on, during that time I got chatting to a charming man from Merseyside, but unfortunately I didn't get his name!

Col and l listened patiently to Greg Brooks and loved all the rare stuff as they were a real insight into the band and how brilliant a singer Freddie was (though we already knew that).  Later that day, we had the privilege of being able to watch a Jamie Moses masterclass (calm down Katie) which was brilliant and very funny. After watching the talent competition, which was again a very good standard.  We watched the Roger q and a which was very good but l got the impression that he didn't really want to do it!  Col and l took our positions on the dance floor as he had asked to be in the "Gimme the prize" quiz, but unfortunately he didn't get picked, we also both the questions were easier this year!

Then it was the Raffle, but we had no luck in winning anything :0( !.   Then the band Maybe came on and Col and l were astounded as to how much the singer sounded like Brian, it was quite creepy!  After that it was time to dance, and cos Col ran away! l had to dance on my own, but not for long cos l bumped into the lovely Nico again, and soon after Ray.  We danced all night and had a great time, and a little note to Ray, WATER!, sorry private joke!  Anyway after swapping addresses with Ray and Nico, the disco ended :0( so we all sat down to talk, though l was the only English person there.  They chucked us out at 3 am l think! and Ray walked me to my chalet (all together now awww).


Monday (only 3 hours left!!) 

After only 4 hours sleep  l got up to meet Col in reception at 8am cos he had an early train, Ray also came along.  We chatted for half an hour till Col had to go, so we said goodbye to him and went back to our chalets!  At 9am l met Katie in the ballroom to say our goodbyes and we chatted for a while before l made my way outside to meet Ray, he was leaving for London at 10 am.  Nico finally arrived later and we got some great photos and hugged and said goodbye!.  I finally set off home, slept in the car.......and dreamt of next year already.



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