Here are my favourite web sites off the net, please let me know if any links aren't working and e-mail me if you would like me to add your site. Enjoy!!!!

 Official international Queen Fan Club Site-Best site on the internet for queen news, updated almost daily by Jacky and her team who run the fan club. Also provides information regarding membership, all e-mail and questions are answered daily.

  Pathways to Pleasure - This brilliant and very funny site is for all you Roger mad people out there, contains good interviews, pictures and graphics, even if you are not a big Roger fan, this site will still make you laugh.

 Queen Royal Legend -An excellent page with brilliant pictures, interviews, rare mp3. Just about everything you could want.

 Queen interviews- Great site for queen interviews, loads of them from all the members of the band.

 The unnoficial Roger Taylor Fan club -I think the title says it all!!! great site dedicated to Roger "pwhoar" Taylor with pics, member profiles, chat and much more run by a chat room regular TigerBabe aka Kristina

Nasty Queen- One of the funniest queen sites on the net, don't go here if you are easily offended!

Keepqfcalive - Does exactly what it says on the tin, visit it and try to help the Queen Fan club. One of the best sites for news, even provides a direct link to a certain Mr May.

Queenzone -A great place for info and a chance to argue, I mean discuss lots of subjects with fellow queen fans.

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