Convention 2002

Wow, what can l say? This was in my opinion the best convention ever! If you wanna know more about the incidents that took place then read on!!!

You wanna see Pics? Well the ones that the police didn't confiscate ;)


After staying the night with Julie (Black Rose) and her family, Jimmy and Samantha, we were ready to set off for Prestatyn from Preston. After a rather quick journey we arrived at around 6pm.  After checking in, we went to our chalets and settled in. After sending Sheila (brianmayfanuk) a sms we met up at my chalet, we then decided to have a wander around the campus, we then met up with Katie (Rizzo McKagan) and Kris (Tigerbabe).

Katie (Rizzo McKagan) and l then proceded to post the invites to our chalet party, and pass them out to everyone we liked the look of, so if you got one then you know why!  Eventually we settled in the Ballroom to wait for the welcome message from Jacky and the team. After watching some amusing messages from Brian and Roger, Jim Jenkins (who was already plastered) thought it would be fun to try and do a live version of BoRhap. You can imagine the result!!

After meeting Marc (Lord Flash Heart), l showed him to our chalet and we started to get ready for the party.  Everyone began to arrive and at one point we had a chalet full of...........Steve (Farookh) Dean (theyoungerrt) Katie (Rizzo McKagan), Richard (Toby_Tyke) ,Keith, Julie (Black-Rose), Jimmy, Samantha, Eva (Miracle) Colin (Col-C) Marc, Marc (LordFlashHeart), Kris (Tigerbabe), Johnnie (singer from Miracle), Simon (TheGunSlinger), Sheila (brianmayfanuk,) Hans (Saturn), Jaye (SallyJ), Stephan (macconner), Nico,  Luca (iggy) Monika (Mayflower), Heiddie, Kari (Karij) Tessa (Sweet_Lady), Raff (uncle_Raff) and many more.  At about 3am many sensible people went home, but not us, we partied on and we were joined by some lovely Scouse peeps who proceeded to sing Bon Jovi all night. We finally kicked them out about 6am.


After about 2 hours sleep, we ventured to get some food. After meeting up with Katie (Rizzo McKagan), we went to watch the web chat (hiiiiiiiiiiii to all the peeps abroad, special hi's to Erin!!!) After yet more torture in the market!! Luca (iggy) Marc (LordFlashHeart) Colin (Col-C) Eva (Miracle) Kris (Tigerbabe) and l decided to go and watch the new DVD version of  "A Night At The Opera". We had a good time, and it sounded excellent!!

We then took our seats in the ballroom to watch Brian and Roger live in Amsterdam for the "Queens Day" celebrations *droooooool*.  We then sat in disbelief at the charity auction, among the items sold was a special award that had been presented to Freddie, donated by Jim Hutton this raised about 1200 (correct me if i'm wrong)

Next was for me the highlight of the weekend, a performance by the Dutch tribute band Miracle! Lots of people had told me how good they were, but l had no idea how much of a shock l was in for! They really could play and rock!!!.   Chris from Miracle has reminded me that the set list was  : Let me entertain you,Somebody to Love, Death on two legs,Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, Days of Our Lives, Breakthru, Don't try so hard, Bicycle race, Save me,Ogre Battle, The Fairy Fellers Master-stroke, Nevermore, Band in Heaven, Great King Rat, 39, Innuendo, I want it all, The Prophets Song, Mother Love, Ride the wild wind, Father to son, White Queen, Dead on Time, No-one but you,  Spread your wings, Mustapha, Don't stop me now, Radio ga ga, Tie your mother down and We are the Champions........WOW

Afterwards, Katie (Rizzo McKagan) and l wanted to meet the guys, Johnnie was as lovely as ever, we'd met him before at the chalet parties, l think we scared the rest of the guys though, not used to our loudness! We even started a trend by bowing down before Johnnie and doing "we're not worthy".

We had yet another chalet party, all the usual peeps as well as some new gatecrashers.  We even got told off by security for making too much noise, but Jim sorted him out *evil grin*. Our entertainment was Raff or "dad" as he became known as, who continued to play guitar till 7am, when we eventually had a few hours sleep.


After eventually getting up about 10 am, Katie (Rizzo McKagan) and l, went for a wander around the campus. We went to watch the football and saw Marc score a hat trick!! We walked past Tim Staffell about four times before we recognised it was him!  His band were called the Amigos, they came and did a good set, but most agreed that although it was good, it wasn't music to sit and listen to.

We listened to the rare tracks by Greg Brooks, but we had heard them all before, he played them last year, and cos someone had bootlegged them last year, Greg had been warned not to play any new ones! Good one, to the bootleggers! *mutters, idiots*

I was sad to see that Marc (LordFlashHeart) had decided that he should go home a day early, due to lots of work and lectures, so we said bye to him and promised to meet up soon.

The tribute band Mercury_UK came on and unfortunately for them they were being compared to Miracle, a very hard act to follow! But they were very good and had Luca (iggy), Katie (Rizzo McKagan), Raff "dad", Samantha, Kris (Tigerbabe), Richard (Toby_Tyke) and I, dancing away at the back of the hall, l think our dancing scared Jacky and Val ever so slightly.

We then all danced into the early hours of the moring, a big group of us, including, Marc, Nico, Kris (Tigerbabe), Luca (iggy), Ramon, Samantha, Richard (Toby_Tyke), Raff "dad" and Katie (Rizzo McKagan) .  At about 3am, the lights finally came up and after taking photos and saying our goodbyes, some of us, headed back to our chalets. 

We arrived back at my chalet to discover we had no electricity cos someone had forgot to buy some more *glares at Marc*.  Keith accompanied me to buy some more electric.....and the party continued, a little more subdued than usual, as there was only a few of us, Sheila (Brianmayfanuk) Keith, Katie (Rizzo_Mckagan), Richard (Toby_Tyke), Dave (Bagpuss).........Raff "dad" joined us later and the entertainment began yet again.........more mischief and fun before sleep.


After waking everyone up, l eventually kicked the three remaining party peeps out at 9am....mentioning no names.....(Katie, Richard and Raff "dad"). I packed my case, had some breakfast and got ready to leave. I said my goodbyes to everyone and then Luca, Sheila, and I were ready to start our next adventure.....the premiere.

Special thanks to Steve (Farookh), Julie (Black-Rose) and her lovely family, Sheila (brianmayfanuk) and her lovely mum (i'm rubbish with names) or else it wouldn't have been possible for me to attend the best weekend for years........THANK YOU!!!!


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